Weapon Damage Guide

h1z1 weapon damage chart

One of the most annoying features of H1Z1 is that you can’t tell how much damage each individual weapon does. Is it better to keep a machete or a hatchet? How about a crowbar vs a wrench? And does the R380 even do any damage?!

Since the game is still in Alpha, the weapons are also constantly being adjusted, readjusted, unadjusted, then rereadjusted. Thus I’ve put together this handy chart of every weapon found in the game along with the exact damage it inflicts. I’ve also sourced each damage figure and will continue to do so as long as Daybreak keeps releasing the changes!

Last Updated: July 30, 2016
WeaponHead DamageBody DamageAttack Speed
WeaponHead DamageBody DamageAttack Speed
12GA Shotgun100%38%Medium
.308 Rifle100%35%Slow
Combat Knife (source)21%21%Fast
Fist (source)

Frag Grenade??Slow
M9 (source)100%18%Very Fast
M47 Gas Grenade (source)N/A03% / tickSlow
Machete (source)25%25%Fast
Molotov Cocktail??
R380 (source)100%17%Fast
Recurve Bow100%N/AMedium
Spear (thrown)100%38%Medium
Wood Axe (source)34%34%Medium
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