H1Z1 March Test Server Updates

We’ve got some new changes coming to H1Z1 that are all in the right direction for the game!

To recap, hit markers are about to finally get an update. You’ll be able to tell whether or not you hit an enemy body, armor, or car all by hit market colors along with new sounds.

Team death cam FINALLY will be a thing for when you suck and die early on 🙂

Finally, a whole new car HUD is rolling out along with some cool features that makes cars a little less OP.

Three Free Unlocked H1Z1 Crates!

Free Unlocked H1Z1 Crates

Now through March 21, simply log-in to H1Z1 Just Survive and you’ll receive three free unlocked H1Z1 crates – the Predator, Ronin, and Invitational!

This gives you three opportunities to get some pretty sweet loot. The legendary Predator items include some slick gun skins along with the Jester helmet.

The Ronin legends are a bit more lame, since there are only three legendaries in them and I’m not a huge fan of either of those gun skins.

As for the free 2016 Invitational crate, there are three slick gun skins along with the Gorilla helmet skin, which sells for over $130!

If you’re not a Just Survive player, it’s still worth snagging these free crates since you could always roll a legendary and sell the item on OPSkins.

Let us know what you get in the comments! Fingers crossed it’s something awesome.

Free H1Z1 Alpaca Backpack for Just Survive

free h1z1 alpaca backpack

In case you missed it, Just Survive H1Z1 players can get a free Alpaca Backpack via the Steam Marketplace!

It looks like this is the only free skin Daybreak released, the other skins on the marketplace cost money. Seems weird Daybreak will sell skins themselves in the Steam Store, but have banned skin selling on Steam’s Marketplace.

Then again, since when has Daybreak made any sense?! Let’s just get our free backpack skin and call it a win.

2016 H1Z1 Invitational Highlights

The H1Z1 Invitational games played last weekend were some of the best games I’ve yet to see on the new Z2 map. Daybreak Games put on an amazing tournament, but if you missed it, you can check out the highlights above!

If you want to check out the full, actual games, then you can do so below.

Learn Z2, the New H1Z1 Map!


If you’ve been away from H1Z1 lately, you may have missed the huge news back on September 20. Daybreak Games finally released the brand new map, titled Z2! And by “brand new,” I mean brand, spanking, you’ll-get-lost-cause-you-don’t-know-this-map new!

Luckily u/imlaming put together high res photos of the new H1Z1 map along with their new names! If you play Duos or Fives, you’ll definitly want to learn the names of the new locations. And even if you play solo BR, knowing the map before other people learn it will give you a crazy advantage!


H1Z1 KotK Combat Update: July 6, 2016

Whoa boy, we’re in for a hell of a change for H1Z1: King of the Kill! I’ve played the new update a little and I have to say overall I like the changes. The shotgun is still beyond fucked, so don’t trust that it’s fully balanced yet. Being able to craft is a nice addition and I’m still getting the hang of the new long-range firing (which DESPERATELY needed to be tweaked, thank goodness for Cone of Fire now).

You can read the full recap of the changes below.

Combat Update Notes:

For those that don’t know me, my name is bronstahd (Garrett Fern), and I’m a combat and gameplay designer working on H1Z1: King of the Kill. Tomorrow we are releasing an update we’ve internally termed “the combat update” which is the result of a focused push toward improving combat and related gameplay systems. I wanted to spend some time talking about several of these changes in greater detail to give some insight into what’s changed and why we’re excited about this update’s release.


We’ve continued working to improve the consistency of the shotgun. Our goal is that the shotgun should be a powerful, up close threat. This update further tightens the shotgun’s spread of fire, making it more powerful up close. In addition, the shotgun’s damage will fall off over distance, so it isn’t too powerful at range. The feedback we’ve seen has been positive so far, so we’re really looking forward to seeing these changes on the live servers.

Cone of Fire

Recently, we added Cone of Fire adjustments based on your character’s movement state. We did this because, put simply, guns were performing far too accurately when running and jumping. Philosophically, our belief has always been that aiming down sight should be the most accurate method of aiming; this change made sure that’s the case.

However, it was also possible to aim down sight while jumping, which also allowed for tremendous accuracy in a way that didn’t make sense. This update addresses that issue by preventing ADS while jumping or falling. This has also allowed us to ease up on some previous combat restrictions around movement and it will now be possible to shoot and ADS directly from sprint. You’ll no longer have to wait for your character to slow down and suffer a delay when trying to shoot.

General Weapon Polish

This update also contains a lot of general weapon polish. In no particular order, here’s what you should expect to see:

• Historically, melee weapons have been underwhelming and of little use. As a first step toward addressing this, we’ve increased melee weapon damage across the board. This won’t entirely fix melee weapons, but it should be a noticeable improvement:

  • Fists: 4.5 damage -> 9 damage
  • Combat Knife: 10 damage -> 21 damage
  • Machete: 12 damage -> 25 damage
  • Wood Axe: 16.5 damage -> 34 damage

• Since our last change to the AK-47 we’ve been listening to the community and the feedback has been pretty clear: it’s not powerful enough when compared to the AR15.

We’ve been internally testing a faster fire rate for the AK-47 which we’ll be rolling out with this update. Here’s what you should expect to see:

  • The AK-47 should be faster than AR15 in full auto fire, but more difficult to control.
  • The AK-47 should be closer in speed to the AR15 when tapping.
  • Specifically, the delay between shots has been reduced from 160 ms -> 145 ms.

We think this change will create nice some trade-offs between the weapons and make the AK-47 a compelling choice once again.

• Increased the damage of the R380 from 15 -> 17 to reduce the number of shots required to kill with it by one.

• Decreased the damage of the M9 from 19 -> 18 to allow time to apply healing after taking five shots. Previously it wasn’t possible to apply any type of healing before bleeding to death.

• We’ve made some adjustments to the M47 Gas Grenade that should make them far more viable as a thrown weapon option:

  • Damage increased from 1/tick-> 3/tick.
  • Duration reduced from 60 seconds -> 20 seconds.

• Depending on the weapon, it used to take anywhere between 0.5 seconds to 1 second to change from one weapon to another. This time has been reduced to 0.15 seconds for all weapons.

• Weapon slots will always be assigned the same number, regardless of whether or not there are weapons in other slots.

Damage Log

We believe that when a player dies it should be very clear to them what killed them. That’s not always the case currently. As a first step towards remedying this, we’ve added a damage log to the death screen that will display how much damage the attack that killed you did and whether or not it was a headshot. Moving forward, the plan is to re-work the death screen so we can display even more information about cause of death.

Body Armor

We’ve also made some changes to the way Armor works that should improve the reliability of body armor:

• The upper body (including arms) is protected by body armor.

• Legs take reduced damage, but are not protected by body armor.

• Helmets still protect the head.

Hit Reactions

Hit reaction animations would cause the other character’s head moved, often preventing a quick follow-up shot from registering as a headshot when it should. Other characters will no longer flinch out of the way when shot.

Camera & Reticle Improvements

We’ve made a couple of improvements to the reticle.

• We’ve added a new element to the reticle that increases in size to display Cone of Fire information based on player movement.

• Improved color saturation and added clearer outline which should make seeing the reticle, even small reticles, much easier.

• In most cases, projectiles now originate from the camera rather than the weapon model. This change significantly reduces projectile collisions with medium-height cover like fences, rocks, cars, and similar objects and also improves projectile performance when fighting uphill or against players on top of buildings.

In some cases, it was possible for one player to have clear line of sight on another player, due to the camera being offset above their head, while actually being obscured from the other player’s view. We felt this would be unfair, and in these cases (generally, when your character is very close to medium-height cover) projectiles will still originate from the weapon model. We’ve added feedback to the reticle to make it clear when this is happening.

General Gameplay

KotK Crafting

In this update we’re also adding some new crafting recipes to King of the Kill.

Makeshift Armor

We’re pretty happy with the current scarcity of Body Armor, and like that finding it feels special. However, the changes to Body Armor outlined above meant that players without Body Armor would be at an even bigger disadvantage than before when fighting against an armored player. For that reason, we’ve added a new crafted armor, Makeshift Armor, which will block one shot and can be worn as a fall-back to Body Armor.

  • Components: 1 Duct Tape, 1 Tan Military Backpack.


  • Procoagulant is a quick-use item that can be used to quickly stop bleeding without any additional healing effects.
  • Components: 10 Bandages, 1 Tactical First Aid Kit.

5x Explosive Tipped Arrow

  • Obviously, explosive arrows are very powerful, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on feedback for this recipe and monitoring its impact on game balance.
  • Components: 5 M67 Frag Grenades, 5 Wooden Arrows, 1 Duct Tape, 5 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells.

• There are some small item spawn changes that support the additions to crafting:

  • Duct Tape now spawns on the map for use in some of the new crafting recipes.
  • Explosive Tipped and Flaming Arrows no longer spawn on the map.

Footwear Changes

With these changes we wanted to create some more interesting choice when selecting footwear. To accomplish this, we’re introducing a new type of footwear and making some tweaks to the existing options.

Stealthy Shoes (New!)

  • Replaces boots as new starting shoes.
  • Similar in volume to bare feet.
  • 2% faster than bare feet.
  • Reduce falling damage by 5%.

Heavy Shoes (boots & variants)

  • Loudest shoes.
  • 7% faster than bare feet.
  • Reduce falling damage by 40%

Speedy Shoes (conveys & variants)

  • Louder than stealthy shoes, quieter than heavy shoes.
  • 16% faster than bare feet.
  • Reduce falling damage by 15%.

Interaction Responsiveness

We’ve long had problems with delays in picking up items. It isn’t really a combat related thing, but it was a big enough deal that we wanted to pursue a fix for this update. The time it takes to pick up items, open doors, and perform other interactions has been greatly improved and is now nearly instantaneous.

Additional Patch Notes:

  • Items should be more consistently highlighted during looting
  • Removed dynamic weapon slot numbers from the UI
  • The team auto-fill button is back and should behave correctly
  • Fixed a bug where hit-markers would occasionally get stuck on
  • Fixed a bug where players could not melee others on ATVs
  • Fixed a bug where explosions could damage players through structures
  • Fixed a bug where the Molotov’s fire effect would sometimes be invisible
  • Corrected Molotov behavior so that they damage vehicles but do not cause them to burn
  • Fixed an issue where players would render incorrectly if they exit a vehicle at certain distances
  • Fixed a bug where thrown grenades could go through players
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a weapon while inventory is full could cause the player to lose the weapon
  • Fixed an exploit where swapping backpacks a specific way could create infinite bag space
  • Fixed a bug where the UI would make it appear that multiple hits were registering at once
  • Fixed a bug where character would appear to be falling when strafing against concrete barriers
  • Fixed a bug where the reloading the AK-47 while firing could prevent the reload animation from playing


  • There is a bug where Bundles of Arrows cannot be picked up using “E.” However, they can be picked up using Proximity (done by opening your Inventory / Tab Key).
  • There is a bug where the pickup truck moves slower than usual in Reverse.
  • The Auto-Fill button does not appear to be working as intended. We are investigating the issue.

Upcoming Just Survive Changes

Whoa, H1Z1 Just Survive is about to get a little love and it’s for the better in my book! According to their latest Producer’s Update today, a Nomad server is close to released. Honestly, that might be reason enough to get me to try the game out again. One of the main reasons I stopped playing, aside from Just Survive being pointless, was the littered landscape of abandoned bases. It’s way too easy to start building in this game, while simultaneously impossible to build something worthwhile alone. That leads to clans, which leads to hoarding, which leads to a lame gameplay. Hopefully this Nomad server will help solve that. Plus it’ll be fun running through the forest and randomly stumbling on some guy’s stash!

I’m a huge fan of the updated vehicle decay and nerfing the wrenches so they can’t be crafted.

But what about y’all? What are your thoughts on these upcoming changes?

As usual, thanks for reading my updates. I really enjoy all the discussion and feedback.

My apologies for this update being a tad behind. Last Friday, we managed to adjust Zombie vs Wildlife vs Player density to what I believe is a reasonable balance. We’ve also made some adjustments to zombie melee behavior. Though we still have a ways to go with Melee, were hoping the small adjustments made will tide you over as we’re developing a better solution. Melee is being actively worked on.

What’s in the works?

Here is what we have planned for the next update. This is all dependent though on how quickly we get the Test Server updated and stable. At this point it looks like we will be pushing all this to the Test Server early next week.  Quality publishes are priority over release dates. Things can and will change.

Player Respawn selection:

You’ve probably noticed as of the last update, spawn locations have been moved within range of a POI.  When I first mentioned this feature, the design included the ability to pick a POI via the map. You would then respawn somewhere within that POI. We have decided since to not make it POI based. Instead, you will select a grid square upon respawn. You will then spawn randomly within that square.

Note: Newly created characters cannot choose a spawn location for initial login. You’ll start with a random POI drop (as it currently functions). This isn’t by design but more of a technical hurdle based on how character creates works. We’ll address this small inconvenience at a later date.

Vehicle anti hoarding measures:

In an effort to combat vehicle hoarding and to give more players an opportunity to obtain a vehicle we’ve made the following changes.  The changes are intended to make vehicles a little more transitional so that you can find one, use it up, and then more easily find another one.

·         Vehicles now decay their condition slowly over time.  They will fully decay in a little over two days.

·         Wrenches spawn in the world but are much rarer.  They will always spawn with full durability.

·         Wrenches will lose 100 durability per swing on a vehicle.  Wrenches have 2500, so when repairing a vehicle they can only hit 25 times.  Each hit will repair 2% of the vehicle’s maximum condition.

·         Wrenches can no longer be crafted.

·         25% more vehicles concurrently spawn in the world.

·         Vehicles now spawn procedurally in random locations around major points of interest.


That’s our first pass at the solution.  We will now observe and make adjustments as necessary.

Nomad Server (No build + More Zombies):

Many of you have been asking where this feature is. We’re getting close. Current plan is to get it out to the Test Server next week.  Hang in there.

Bullet Conversion:

-We’re removing bullet conversion from the game. We want the guns and their specific ammo to be a more rewarding experience due to their rarity.

We’ll keep you all posted on publish status as we get into next week.

See you in game!

Producer Update: April 28, 2016

H1Z1 Producer Update

Not to be outdone by the Just Survive patch, Daybreak also gave us an H1Z1 Producers Update for how they see JS progressing over the coming months. Experimental servers are a HUGE HELL YES as are the new spawning points. NO MORE SPAWNING IN USELESS B8 or D2 ANYMORE!!!

Alright, onto the update:

Hi everyone!

@ShockDev here with a Just Survive update. I appreciate that you enjoy reading these updates and keep asking for more! I have fun writing them!

By the time you read this, the Live server should have been updated with the latest data direct from the Test Server. I really want to point out that we’re doing our best to provide you with the most stable updates possible. This is why we’re tightening up our publish rules a bit for Test server. With the exception of emergency hotfixes, updates should be available on Test server for roughly a week before going live. This gives us enough time to react to player discovered issues.

We’re working on a handful of initiatives right now. Most of these revolve around tightening the core game play experience, identifying systems that need a “once over,” and going completely experimental with systems that are just not working out as we hoped.

This leads to my first topic…

Experimental servers

Very soon, you will see a few experimental servers going live. These servers are specifically being put in place to test out things we would normally be hesitant to try on the live environment. During team discussion, features/fixes which seem like reasonable ideas on our side will be discussed, but no matter how we vet it on our end, after going live, said feature doesn’t always work out as imagined.  Hence, the experimental server! Here is how the experimental servers will play out:

  • Experimental features/fixes/tests are scheduled for deployment on these servers.
  • We publish and observe the change for some time. Usually a couple weeks.
  • We then make a decision as to how we want to implement:
    • The feature graduates to official live status and is scheduled with a live update
    • We remove it, revise it or just straight burn it in a fire

Typically, experimental servers will be focused on a single or related set of changes to insure accurate analysis on our end.

No base building + more Zombies

This is our first experimental server test. We’re going to turn off the ability to build structures and crank up the zombie count.  We believe this experiment could lead to a very cool ruleset server in the future.  Let’s see how it plays out! Tell us what you think.

Zombie AI

We’ve been talking about Zombie AI changes for some time now. The reality is, it’s a huge system which significantly affects the way zombies operate in our game. A lot of the code base has been released in smaller chunks over the last couple months.  Although we refer to it as Zombie AI, it’s really a system for all non-player controlled creatures. It’s currently only connected to the zombies though. At some point soon we’ll transition this system over to the wildlife. This may give you some insight as to why we’ve been holding back on making sweeping changes to the wolves, bears…etc. We really just want to quit tinkering with the old system and do it right with the new AI codebase. Zombies will be aware of bases and structures in the near future also. This should increase the threat level to your constructed safe havens. When there’s a zombie situation outside your base, you’ll actually need to deal with it

Spawn Points

We’ve been watching player patterns regarding respawning. Basically it goes something like this. “/respawn…did I get a good drop…No?…/respawn again.” Eventually, after some time, you end up with a spawn point you are happy with.  We’re making some changes to make this a more ideal experience for all players and we are instituting that all the spawn location manifest around POI regions.  So, your starting point will be within one of the following areas:

  • Villas
  • Dam
  • Radio Tower
  • Wilderness Camp
  • Desoto
  • Wake Hills
  • Bumjick
  • Runamok
  • LonePine
  • Ranchito Taquito
  • Cranberry
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Bubbas
  • Hemingway
  • Military Base
  • Governor’s Mansion

I understand this doesn’t mean much for veteran players who know the map in precise detail, but the main goal here is to help new players as well as casual players to get their bearings faster. This change will go to the Test server fairly soon.

But wait! There’s an additional component to this change which we’ll be testing on the “Experimental Servers”. Upon death (or character create), you’ll be presented with a map of the world. This map will have a handful of spawn regions based on the POI’s above. You will also see a marker representing your last death point.  With this interface, you can choose a respawn region and get back to the action at an accelerated pace. This should also help foster timelier group play sessions. Keep in mind; we’re not talking pin point accuracy respawning. It’s literally a random spot within a POI region.

Z2 Map

I wanted to touch base regarding Z2 just to clarify a few things. I’m sure most of you read Chris’s KOTK Producer update last week. He mentioned that KOTK would be getting Z2 before Just Survive.  There is a very logical reason behind this. As you all are aware, our loot spawning and balance has been a challenge over the past year for survival. Without going into too much detail, we essentially over engineered the original system for Just Survive. We gave it so many tuning knobs, it became a beast to manage when we needed just a simple change. Often, the output would be completely contradictory to the result we had in mind! That being said, we’re reworking the way item spawns function in Just Survive. We want to be able to implement this new system on Z2 and completely avoid the legacy mechanic. This will put us in a much better position to react and tune the game going forward. This system has been in progress and should be available for our designers to use by the time Z2 is ready for population. So, although both teams (KOTK & JS) are populating Z2 around the same time, Just Survive is a significantly larger task and will naturally take longer to complete. AS we dive in, I will give you updates on progress.

That sums it up for me this week! See you in game!

Steve George

H1Z1 Game Update: April 28, 2016

H1Z1 Game Update

H1Z1’s Just Survive got a recent update on April 28 that sure seems like a much needed Quality of Life patch. It doesn’t even begin to address all the glaring needs and flaws of JS, but credit where credit is due: it’s a nice start!

I particularly like the food now giving scrap metal.

  • Added decay to rabbit traps. They will decay in about 2 and a half days.
  • Moonshine should now be correctly named.
  • Metal bar bulk has been reduced to 25 down from 50.
  • The crafting radius of Workbenches have been reduced slightly.
  • Borscht will now stack.
  • Repairing vehicles with a wrench should now work more reliably. The amount repaired is now based on a percentage of max condition rather than current condition.
  • Happy Face Boots and Skin names are now consistent.
  • Deer Scent will now last for 10 minutes rather than 18 seconds.
  • The timer for eating blackberries was reduced to half a second instead of 1 second.
  • A new recipe called “Handful of Blackberries” has been added which allows you to combine 10 blackberries. When eaten they will give you exactly what you would have gotten if you had eaten the blackberries separately.
  • Added scrap metal as a reward when you eat canned food.
  • Punji Sticks can now be damaged on PVE servers when not on a Foundation.
  • The All-In-One Cold Medicine description has been updated to indicate it only slows, not reduces the amount of H1Z1 virus level rate.
  • Rigged Lighting should now work more persistently.
  • A bug which prevented a stick from turning into coal has been resolved.
  • Biofuel which was not despawning after an explosion should now despawn.
  • Landmines that explode when being shot have a longer explosion animation.
  • Quest items spawning in the military base have been replaced with wearable items.
  • Office Cabinets should now properly appear in the inventory screen.
  • Picking up the Wasteland Helmet should no longer play the picking up ammo audio.
  • Charcoal should now burn the proper 40 minutes.
  • The His Regards machete first person attacks should be improved.
  • The Woodland Ghillie Suit boots now have the correct texture.
  • Modified AK47 with Toxic skin can now be repaired
  • EZW crate will now drop in the game
  • Players can drop the Modded AK-47 from their weapons slot
  • Animals should now give meat and fat when killed with a Fire Axe.
  • The Makeshift Bow can now be repaired reliably.

420 Zombie Updates

Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to give this a read.  I know that many of you have poured countless hours into H1Z1 and all of the developers thank you for that.

Before I get into things, I wanted to make sure everyone caught the announcement about King of the Kill being at this year’s TwitchCon.


I promised an update on Z2 recently, so let’s start there.  If you are new to things, Z2 is the codename for an all new map being built to replace the current map (Z1) in the game.  While this update note is specific to King of the Kill, Z2 will be used in Just Survive as well; more on that below.

Compared to any other single feature, Z2 is the most resource intensive to develop.  It has the largest single team working on it, and it will be in development for many months in total.  With an 8km x 8km playable space, it is easy to see why it needs so much effort.  Every part of the map needs to be populated with terrain, trees, grass, stumps, rocks, gravel, houses, buildings, roads, etc.  Every single one of those assets has been rebuilt from the ground up, started entirely from scratch.

It is also being re-architected in comparison to Z1 so that when we optimize it, it can provide better performance.  It is coming alongside some updates to our lighting and other rendering systems, the visual quality of the map will be a significant increase in quality.

As I mentioned, the process of building a map of this size takes many months.    The general order of development looks as follows.  There are some simultaneous activities here, but this is the rough order things are worked on.

  • Generate terrain
  • Point of interest population
  • Spawn and loot population
  • Building layout and design
  • City layout and design
  • Art pass on terrain
  • Tree pass
  • Art pass on buildings
  • Lighting pass
  • Optimizations

Each sector of the map is being designed to have a POI.  Those are being added in to compliment the major POI’s (like the dam and Pleasant Valley).  This is being done to provide something of interest in each area and provide a lot of gameplay and discovery to go along with it.  In the King of the Kill, no matter where you spawn, you will not be too far from a POI (some more major than others) to go explore and loot.

A lot of the early work that has been shared publicly was done as tests to new systems and tools to get ready to go into full production of the map (which is where we are now).  I can understand some frustration in that the map was talked about quite some time ago and then not really mentioned since then.  We are definitely hard at work on it, reviewing it regularly and making changes to accommodate the feedback from those reviews.

I am sure that what you care most about is when you will get to see it.  We are working on a plan right now that will get it out sooner rather than later (although that doesn’t mean tomorrow, sorry!).  We are going to embrace the Early Access part of H1Z1 and get the map up prior to it being complete.  That means that when we release it, some of the buildings will probably be bright white (as we layout a map we work with white buildings to represent buildings that will be added later by artists), and other areas may not be fully fleshed out.  But you will see it develop in real time as we continue to update other parts of the game.  Doing this allows us to collect feedback and make changes as we go along.

A special note for Just Survive players: there are some additional steps that we have to go through to make the map work well in Just Survive, so we will likely release it in King of the Kill first, get it ready for Just Survive, and then release it into Just Survive.  This is simply so we can get it out quicker. If we waited on both until it was ready for both, we would just be holding on to one, and we don’t want to do that.

We will continue to share progress in these updates, as well as our monthly art videos that we share.  Follow @H1Z1JustSurvive and @H1Z1KotK on Twitter; they will sometimes provide you with a sneak peek from our artists at work in development. In fact, here’s a sneak peek right now:



Please join our Test servers this weekend for another look at our new mode, Ignition.  This is likely our final test run of the new mode, so get in now to check it out and give us some feedback.  Our plan is to do this last test, make a final iteration on the mode, and then add it to the Live servers for regular play in early May.  Again, we’re embracing the Early Access part of this and want to get it out; we will continue to tune and iterate, but we believe that it is close and ready for large scale play.

Cameras and Combat

Cameras and combat continue to be a heavy focus for us.  A lot of times they go hand-in-hand.  We are reviewing every video that we can find where someone is confused as to why a combat encounter resulted the way it did.  In some cases we have found bugs, some have highlighted problems with our feedback systems, and some just are not clear enough to the player when those situations played out correctly.  We are slowly rolling out changes and monitoring to see if there was an impact or not to continue to make this better.  When I am really confident that everything is working as expected, I will wrap up everything that we did to address it.

Working their way up to our live servers now are some changes to make the camera smoother going through doors and prevention of camera going through walls and other objects,  as well as some improvements to the camera while in vehicles to make it less “shaky.”

New Crate

We have a new crate coming online next Tuesday, April 26th.  We have a small team of folks who work on the items that go into crates as well as building items that we can use as rewards in future systems.  Whenever they get enough items that we can pull them together into a new crate, we go ahead and do that.  This particular crate is a little bit more on the wild side, all being themed around big time Wrestling.  Called the Extreme Zombie Wrestling (EZW) Crate, it is a collection of wrestling-themed items like masks and tights.  My favorite is the champion’s belt.  It actually is a skin to go in place of body armor, so if you find body armor in the world and have the belt to skin to it, you get a pretty sweet look going on.

Recent Bug Fixes (that will be working their way up to the Live servers over the next few weeks)

  • Cameras, as mentioned above
  • Hit markers should no longer appear when hitting a door
  • Parachutes should get stuck on objects much less frequently
  • You should no longer take damage at the end of the parachute sequence
  • Added a UI option to auto fill your team in 2 and 5 man BR matches

We also have another potential fix for the entire map turning green (we cannot reproduce this issue, so we are making some educated guesses on a fix).

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