King of the Kill Recipes

Daybreak announced on June 10, 2016 that King of the Kill will be getting some new crafting items in the next patch! The blood coagulant can be applied in 1 second, which is perfect for healing in a fight. The light body armor will absorb one bullet shot, which is better than nothing! And the explosive arrows can no longer be found in the world, but instead crafted.

Work in progress. Please let me know any I missed. 
latest update: 01-24-17
CraftsItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4
Explosive Tipped Arrows x5
explosive tipped arrow
Frag Grenade x5
Frag Grenade
Shotgun Shell x5
shotgun shell
Duct Tape
duct tape
Wooden Arrows x5
wooden arrow
Makeshift Armor
Tan Military Backpack
tan military backpack
Duct Tape
duct tape
Tactical First-Aid Kit
first aid kit
Bandage x10
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